Bungoma Hospital Where Patients Enjoy Unimaginable Ambience and Outdoor Mood for Relaxing

“Given chance to chose three words to describe the general outlook of hospitals across the region, what would you say?” I asked one of my friends, a taxi driver in Kakamega town last week.

“Scary, dull, boring and traumatizing,” Sam, 41, responded.

But asked why he chose those terms, Sam cited the lack of creativity by health facilities to create a conducive environment where patients don’t have to be reminded that they are actually patients.

However, this could be a different song at one of the hospitals in Bungoma where the mood and the environment at the entrance is not enough for you to figure out whether it’s a hospital of a high class social amenity.

At the entrance is a flip preview of a sincerely qualified landscaper. Here, the accident and emergency wing is not even branded with those big, horrifying letters that harasses your heart beat.

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It’s not even crowded by those usual, rusty wheelchairs you see at most health facilities.

The developer must have been heartful enough to realize that some of those monotonous images at hospitals are already a turn-away to patients and therefore, tried to play with the decor, garden and the parking lot.

Until you enter the outpatient wing is when you suspect you are at a treatment facility. Otherwise, the waiting lot is basically a bank-like atmosphere with standard chairs that give you a better ease to be a patient.

By the short moment the doctor sees you, you will have already appreciated the exemplary hygiene at this facility.

The walls are well painted with carefully-chosen colours and lights that break the monotony of normal hospital looks.

You can’t just ignore to give a thumbs up to the hospitality from the medical staff that welcome you with that rare warm touch that speaks direct to your heart and feel cared for.

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Here, they don’t have those shouting, white-washed walls that bring doom and gloom to the patients!The same trend continues to the wards and injection rooms.

The Standard quotes Philips’ General Manager Africa Peter van de Ven as saying that scientists are researching and developing medical tools that will besides offering treatment and diagnostic also address the question of ambience.

Peter says statistics show that by 2050, 50 per cent of the developed world is projected to be chronically ill.

“Chronic diseases are going to be a big problem and it is important for governments to be prepared,” cautions Peter.Called ‘Ambient Experience’, the concept integrates architecture, design and enabling technologies such as dynamic lighting, video projections and sound to allow patients to personalise their environment in a relaxing atmosphere.

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At this hospital, the designers apparently took special care to address the needs of the clinical staff by transforming the workplace to become efficient and pleasant.

For instance, they have set up a garden next to the parking lot for the patients and their families to relax and interact.

The ever green pastures and the coastal-like sheds provides perfect atmosphere for patients to interact and hope for better future with the green grass being symbolism to life.

Such an amazing ambience at Lifecare Hospital Bungoma that you rarely see at any other facilities.

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