Poetry Kona: In loving Memory by Arthur Ageya

In loving memory


My spirits roam my homestead

To maintain tranquility in my stead

To keep circling vultures at bay

That have turned my household prey


My wife is tormented from dawn

Sack clothes she don

As a kin beseeches for liaison

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I watch my formerly faithful concubines thirst

Like excited adolescence they flirt

Lifting their woven skirt

Laughing haughtily with hissings

In anticipation of coins and shillings

How did I get here?

To see my kindred’s greed

For my property they will bleed

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Chasing away my breed


The products of my loins wander

Bringing my name utmost slander

In loving memory

Remains just an inscription on a slab

Overgrown by bushes and shrub







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