Poetry Kona: Mutiny by Arthur Ageya


Leaves fluster nervously at the wind

Flies mill around cautiously

The ground gulps hungrily at the red dew

The mongrels wag their tails hopefully

It’s the feel of mutiny


A public display of recovered confiscates it was

An empty purse and a dead phone

Flanking the wet ground

Engulfed by red stain rocks and branches

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The result of mutiny


Previously unrivaled excitement and cacophony

Given way to deathly silence

The nervous shuffling of the feet

Not sure of their feat

The taste of mutiny


Were these the fabled Iki and Ake?

Bonded by their thirst to take

Where they didn’t ache

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Or were they just fake?

Did anyone know their make?

The questions in mutiny


There is suspicion in the air

Was this the right lair?

Or had they nabbed the apparent heir?

“Was it a slug in bait?”

The uncertainty of mutiny


Then suddenly from yonder

Sirens that made them stop the wonder

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If this was a grave blunder

And all had to scatter

The consequences of mutiny



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