Teachers Take Advantage of Long Holidays to Enjoy Free Medical Camps in Bungoma

Teachers in Bungoma County have taken advantage of the long holidays to access free medical camps organised by a local hospital.

Since the schools closed in late October, the tutors have been among the residents trouping to medical check ups for ENT, diabetes and other screenings.

So far, Lifecare Hospital has held three free medical screening camps in parts of Bungoma with majority of them being teachers.

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“With this long holiday, it was good to take advantage of the free screening to establish any complication,” said a boarding school teacher who identified herself as Madam Esther.

“I have been reading in the social media forums about these free checkups but I have not been lucky to access one due to the commitment. But for now, I’m lucky to access such a free service and encourage other teachers to subscribe as well.”

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There are other camps coming up at the same facility which will also provide free screening for ENT, Hernia, breast pathologies, prostate enlargement and other related ailments.

This will be a good opportunity for teachers to access such free screening as it has been challenging for medical facilities to organise free medical camps at learning institutions.

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